Leading utilities top the list of account management best practices


Leading utilities have developed a nuanced view of their business customers and ways of serving them, according to a recent E Source Account Management Assessment. Three utilities out of 35 stood out for their account management best practices.

"Effective account management has never been more important as utilities seek to meet increasing energy-efficiency and customer satisfaction goals in an environment of lower growth expectations," said Kim Burke, research director of Customer Experience & Marketing at E Source. "These three utilities [Southern California Edison, Georgia Power, and San Diego Gas & Electric] stand out from the crowd in the ways they approach relationships with business customers of all sizes."

These utilities have formalized ways of gaining insights from their customers and using them in a cycle of improvement such as incorporating voice-of-the-customer improvements through surveys and customer advisory panels, as well as involving trade associations in the services they provide.

The assessment revealed that the most successful utilities focus on customer planning. For large businesses, the top utilities have an action plan in place that places the needs of customers first. This tactic is extended into select small and midsize business verticals through strategic sector plans that help utilities concentrate on customer groups with the greatest opportunities and deliver on their promises to those customers, according to E Source.

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