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Sometimes you hold onto things, thinking you'll find a good use for them someday. That's the case with today's admittedly random assortment of just plain interesting reading from around the web.


The Quiet Clean Energy Revolution at the Department of Energy

"...Most recently, forward-looking officials like Assistant Secretary of Energy David Danielson and Acting Chief Operating Officer Matthew Dunne are meticulously implementing institutional reforms at the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) - DOE’s advanced R&D and technology demonstration office - aimed at transforming it from a stagnate, thirty year old bureaucracy into America’s premier energy research organization. While not as splashy as the big policy changes of the last four years, this quiet clean energy innovation revolution is a leap in the right direction and absolutely critical to creating a more flexible, innovation-focused DOE mission..."


-- By Forbes contributor Matthew Stepp of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. Read the complete article >>



New CEOs for the New Utilities Industry

"...Given the challenges in this environmentâ€"economic, technological and strategicâ€"the profile of the utility CEO in North America and elsewhere must change. The traditional profile of today’s utility executive, politically astute and savvy in finance and regulation, must be expanded. The new utility CEO must have the vision of a longer-term architect who can align the capabilities needed to thrive as these new market and technology realities shape the utility industry of the future.


But is the industry making the changes that are needed? Judging from the results of Booz & Co.’s 2012 study of CEO succession, the answer is no..."


-- By James Hendrickson and Joseph Van den Berg of Booz & Co., a global management strategy and consulting firm, writing in Electric Light & Power. Read the complete article >>

Dinosaur-Inspired Designs Make Wind Turbines More Aerodynamic

"In the grand scheme of things, we're still in the early stages of wind power generation, but even so, there are still many, many wind turbines already installed and generating power. When new technological advances come along like new turbine designsor tweaks to the blades or motors that can increase power generation, replacing entire wind turbines would be very costly. Because of that, Siemens has developed a set of wind turbine blade attachments that increase power generation without having to fully replace any part of the turbine.


The coolest part of these add-ons? They're inspired by dinosaurs..."


-- By Megan Treacy, writing for Read the complete article >>


Living Large: Green Megaprojects of the Future

"As a new year begins, it’s time to start thinking of the future. While thinking of the future, why not think BIG? For many years, architects and city planners from around the world have been trying to create the green Holy Grail: an entire city built to strict environmental standards that are highly functional and still retain aesthetic value.


Here’s a look at some green building designs for large communities that caught our attention in recent months and may (or may not) become reality in the next several years. Their physical footprints may be large, but by using features such as wind power, solar, rainwater recycling and advanced air quality controls, their carbon footprints don’t have to be..."


-- By Randy Woods, writing for Read the complete article >>


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