Korean smart grid push stalled by politics


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: A few years back, Korea identified smart grid as a dual opportunity. First, it could provide benefits to citizens. Second, it could become the next big export opportunity. Now it appears that progress may be stalled as industry and government point fingers.


Success or failure has implications for the rest of the world. You have only to look at industries such as automobiles, flat-screen TVs and smart phones to realize how competitive Korea can be when it gets things right. Samsung currently challenges Apple for leadership in smart phones. Someday Korean firms may challenge for leadership in smart grid. - Jesse Berst


Will Korea revive its smart grid push under new President Park Geun-hye? Or will the new government repeat the errors that created what some are calling "the lost five years?"


Under the new regime, smart grid continues its status as an industry that will be deliberately fostered by the government, as reported by Energy Korea. On the surface, that appears to be a victory, since other industries such as robotics have had their task forces disbanded under the new government.