Judge tosses out Naperville smart meter lawsuit (for now)


By: SGN Staff


Naperville's Smart Meter Awareness Group got some bad news when a district judge dismissed its federal lawsuit against the city for installing smart meters which members have long claimed pose health, safety, security and privacy issues. But the judge did give the group the option of returning with a revised lawsuit within 14 days.


U.S. District Judge John Lee questioned representatives from the city and the anti-smart meter group in September and issued his decision Friday, according to the Chicago Tribune.


Naperville has been considered a smart grid pioneer well before the term was in use because of its early efforts to build a more reliable, efficient electric grid, which makes such determined opposition from a consumer group seem somehow out of place. But the group filed its lawsuit in December 2011, claiming the city had violated their rights to due process, protection from unreasonable searches and protection from the government taking private property.


In October of last year, Judge Lee told meter opponents to provide more proof that their constitutional rights had been violated.