Judge backhands ComEd, which may be forced to install smart meters


An administrative law judge for the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) dealt a significant blow to ComEd last week by urging the Commission to order the utility to start installing smart meters. ComEd wanted to postpone the smart meter rollout until 2015 because of disagreements over setting rates.


ComEd argued that it would not have enough money to meet the plans set forth under Illinois' new smart grid law. But the judge, according to Chicago.Business.com, countered that the utility failed to provide details to back up its claim of financial hardship.


"The linkage between its current finances as a result of (the ICC's rate rulings) and its delayed deployment plan is not evident,” Leslie Haynes wrote. "What is apparent, though, is that ratepayers begin paying for meters in January 2013 and the company doesn't want to begin installing them until 2015. That is unacceptable and unsupported.”

If the judge has her way, regulators meeting Dec. 5 will order ComEd to start installation no later than September 2013.


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