Itron Cellular Solutions (formerly SmartSynch) reels in another big win for cellular


Updated version: The second paragraph has been updated to correct  the scope of deployment and non-exclusivity of the agreement ...


It was on May 1 that Itron announced it had finalized its acquisition of SmartSynch. Now just days later we're hearing that Itron Cellular Solutions (headed up by former SmartSynch CEO Stephen Johnson), has closed a major smart grid deal with Entergy Corporation, parent company to a handful of utilities bordering the Gulf Coast.  


Cellular Solutions and Entergy negotiated a non-exclusive master agreement and master price, but it will be up to the individual utilities to work out deployment specifics with Itron Cellular Solutions. In total, there are roughly 50,000 endpoints involved over the next 5 years.


But what is perhaps most significant is that the Entergy utilities are located in one of the areas of the country most prone to disasters like hurricanes and major storms. One of the concerns raised about cellular has been whether it would be up and running fast enough after a major disaster.


That a company like Entergy - with utilities right in the thick of disaster-prone areas - would go through its due diligence and decide that cellular can be relied on is more than a nice deal. It's also a nice credibility boost for cellular.


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