It will soon be easier to mix and match wireless and powerline communications



Quick Take:  Hybrid networks are both the past and the future of utility communications. They're the past because virtually every utility has a collection of different communications technologies. They are the future because a) we cannot afford to throw away all those legacy systems and start over and b) even if we could no single communication system is perfect for every single application. Thus, we will all be living in a hybrid, mix-and-match world when it comes to communications.


Two key standards organizations, one from the wireless world and the other from the powerline world, are now working to make that kind of coexistence easier. - Jesse Berst


HomePlug® Alliance and Wi-SUN® Alliance Collaborate to Improve Smart Grid Communications Interoperability

Key industry groups create liaison to facilitate standards-based interoperability for utilities’ smart grid networks


Portland, Oregon, USA; Tokyo, Japan - March 17, 2014 - The Wi-SUN® Alliance and the HomePlug® Alliance today announced a liaison agreement to facilitate collaboration toward the goal of enabling hybrid smart grid networks supporting both wireless (RF) and powerline-wired connectivity (PLC). This relationship will empower the many industry-leading member companies of both alliances to share requirements and specifications for Media Access Control (MAC) and transport layer profiles to facilitate interoperability of Internet Protocol (IP) based smart grid applications.

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