Interested in long hours, no pay... but tons of influence? Try GWAC


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: The GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) has just put out its annual call for candidates. If you have a technical bent and strong opinions on how the grid should be constructed, there's probably no more influential technical position. I know many of the members and you'll be with a group that, in general terms, rank extremely high in grid IQ and remarkably low in ego. Sure, they argue about technical issues, but they are genuinely trying to do the right things to speed the modernization of the grid. - By Jesse Berst


The GridWise Architecture Council Announces Its Annual Call for Candidates 2014!

The Council seeks candidates to fill seven open seats to represent interests in a number of areas.


Potential candidates should have the visionary capacity, team effectiveness, and an acknowledged level of recognition and credibility in their professional fields, along with specific skills and experience, including, but not limited to:

·         Complex, system of systems theory, requirements, and design methodology

·         Electric utility strategic planning, management, operations, and market interactions

·         Electric power system automation and energy management systems

·         Distributed energy resource aggregation and integration (e.g., generation, storage, and load for demand-side participation)

·         Building to grid integration including, residential and commercial building automation and system integration, including consumer appliances, building controls, building energy management systems, electronics, and electric vehicles

·         Legislative, regulatory, and economic electricity policy

·         Incorporation of environmental externalities into system operations, including energy efficiency and sustainability aspects

·         Telecommunication wide-area networking (e.g., metering, SCADA, remote management systems)

·         Consumer and consumer advocacy (includes industrial/commercial energy acquisition and management)


Active participation in the GridWise Architecture Council offers a unique opportunity to shape the information, telecommunications and control architecture for the future electric system from generation to end-use.


Visit the GridWise Architecture website at for more information on current members, activities, and meeting minutes.


Please familiarize yourself with the attached Call for Candidates reference material or visit We invite you to submit your candidacy, or that of a qualified colleague, to the GridWise Architecture Council.


For more information, contact:

Ron Melton, PhD

Administrator, GridWise® Architecture Council