Integrating AMI and OMS: Avoiding the landmines (from those who've gone before)



By Jesse Berst


Most utilities believe that outages have a tremendous impact. On customer relations. On regulator attitudes. On the bottom line.


They're right.


Most utilities believe that outage management can be quickly improved simply by integrating data from smart meters.


They're wrong.


Data from advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) can indeed make big improvements to outage management systems (OMS). But it is not a simple plug-and-play process.


"You assume you'll get a notification from every meter and just plug that into your outage management system," explains BC Hydro's Ranjan Raja, Meter Data & Operations Integration Manager. BC Hydro is part way through integrating AMI and OMS. "The reality is much more complex. Initial assumptions sometimes turn into landmines later on."


What are those landmines? And how do you steer around? That's the subject of an upcoming Smart Grid News webinar called "Integrating AMI and OMS: Avoiding the landmines" on Tuesday April 22. We've recruited Ranjan Raja along with BRIDGE Energy Group expert Forrest Small to pass along the lessons they've learned. (Click to register for free while space remains.)


Let's take a look at the pitfalls to avoid, the tactics that lead to success, and the benefits awaiting if you do it right.

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