Is this the incentive you need to install conservation voltage reduction (CVR)?

Is this the incentive you need to install conservation voltage reduction (CVR)?


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: Our industry has long had the technology to implement conservation voltage reduction (CVR), Volt/VAR optimization and similar schemes. What we've lacked was the motivation. After all, why would a utility spend millions to install technology that would then reduce their revenues by millions?


The release below touts the technology from Efacec ACS. (Which, by the way, receives my nomination for worst smart grid company name ever. Use the Comment form if you can think of something even worse.) But the real story may be the incentive from the Tennessee Valley Authority that made it possible. Thanks to that incentive, Morristown is just one of several TVA utilities embracing CVR.


Are you lobbying your own regulators for similar incentives? You should be. - By Jesse Berst


Lower peaks in the valley in East Tennessee

Morristown Utility Systems reduces peak energy demand with conservation voltage reduction (CVR) from Efacec ACS


ATLANTA - October 24, 2013 - Morristown Utility Systems has deployed conservation voltage regulation (CVR) technology from Efacec ACS across its transmission and distribution systems, allowing it to conserve voltage in a load-responsive manner while keeping within the Ansi C84.1 (114-126 volt) range required for end-use voltage in North America.  The VR application runs on MUS’ PRISM SCADA System from Efacec ACS, using end-of-line voltage alarms provided by the utility’s Tantalus AMI system to enable highly accurate closed-loop-control capability.


"The new technology empowers us to not only comply with voltage control demand response directives we receive from the Tennessee Valley Authority, but to manage load resources in a highly targeted manner. It helps us minimize our peak demand charges and deliver consistent customer experience, helping to keep rates low,” said Jim Belcher, a Morristown demand response engineer.


The voltage reduction solution is part of Morristown’s plan to decrease overall peak demand charges throughout the year. And with the integrated AMI system delivering customer voltages, alarms and demand data from electric smart meters via DNP to the PRISM SCADA System, Morristown can automatically adjust voltage and manage load responsively throughout daily operations.