IEEE takes a cue from 'Glee' for tomorrow’s smart grid


By: SGN Staff


Previous news coverage has made it pretty clear that smart grid stakeholders are worried about where they're going to find the next generation of engineers qualified to take on the complexities and demands of building and operating the smart grid. Fortunately, organizations like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) have come up with a very practical solution.


IEEE's Michael Andrews and Jean Eason have created a competition for high school students, the SMART Competition, that will not only educate students about the smart grid, but give them the opportunity to get workforce experience by rolling up their sleeves and designing one.


The volunteer-led program, sponsored by IEEE Power and Energy Society, will focus on smart grid concepts such as energy conservation, sustainable building design, smart grid monitoring and improvement of campus load conditions, neighborhood impact and other load issues such as EV charging, extraordinary events, day-of-week fluctuations and more. Through the experience, students will also learn about power generation, security and how to design a project that incorporates those concepts.


In the design process, students also will become familiar with commercially-used computer design programs and how they're applied in the construction industry, 3D imaging and design and other tools of the trade. The competition is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2011.


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