How billionaire Larry Ellison is helping to destroy utilities


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: Until the last year or so, grid divorce was the province... hmmmm, let's see, what's the opposite of "mainstream?" "Fringe?" "Uncommon?" Whatever the right label, standalone microgrids were mostly embraced by remote communities, mining operations and research consortiums.


But now opinion leaders such as Larry Ellison and eBay are adopting the practice. And where they lead... well, you can see the writing on the wall. I hope. - By Jesse Berst


Billionaire Larry Ellison -- CEO of Oracle Corporation -- is building a microgrid to power the Hawaiian island he bought last year. EBay has one to run one of its data centers.


"Microgrids are emerging as a credible threat to the dominance of America’s 100-year-old-plus utility monopoly," trumpets Bloomberg in a recent article. "Microgrids have the potential to radically change the U.S. electricity paradigm as they proliferate and begin to eat into the utility revenue stream."