Houston Smart City deploys Alvarion 4G network


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Quick Take:Some might consider this the official launch of the smart city movement in the U.S. Until recently, it has been more active in parts of Asia (Singapore, for instance) and Europe (Amsterdam, for instance) than here.


Over here, they are stressing cost savings. Over there the emphasis is on livability.   - Jesse Berst


The city of Houston has deployed an Alvarion 4G municipal wireless broadband network for its Smart City project.. The 4G wireless network gives the city the ability to offer advanced municipal services like enhanced public safety and traffic optimization solutions, consistent information access, and also satisfies the city's need for a more efficient, cost-effective way to manage its daily operations.


Alvarion and the Houston city government worked together on the design and deployment of the 4G broadband network. Major benefits include:

·         Improving Public Service

o    Improving traffic safety and congestion throughout the city through remote control of 2,500 traffic intersections and 1,500 school zone flashers

o    Improving customer service and reducing cost by connecting the city’s mobile AMR system to the WiMAX network to remotely monitor 150,000 water meter accounts

·         Reducing Costs

o    Reducing multi-million dollar annual commercial T1 costs by replacing these connections with WiMAX service at over 500 city facilities (such as water/wastewater plants, maintenance and libraries)    

o    Affordably expanding connectivity service to facilities and operations (i.e., SCADA, video surveillance and parking pay stations)

·         Serving the Public Good

o    Making excess bandwidth available to enable free Internet service  for more than 300,000 residents in underserved, underprivileged communities (such as public computer centers for children offering free Internet access and a safe environment to stay and learn; 20 centers are already operating today)

"Smart City projects are a hugely gratifying market sector for us as a technology provider. Over the years we've been following the needs of our municipal and government customers and our solutions in this field are state-of-the art," said Eran Gorev, Alvarion president and CEO. "We've learned how to help cities offer their residents fundamental and advanced services such as connectivity hotspots, personal security and online municipal services, while allowing them to control costs."

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