House fire stalls smart meter deployment while Peco Energy investigates cause


By: SGN Staff


Peco Energy, the electric utility serving the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, is temporarily stopping its smart meter installations to investigate why 15 of the meters overheated, including one that caused a fire at a home in Bucks County Wednesday.


According to a news article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Peco has finished investigations of 6 of the 15 instances of overheating and says it likely was caused by "preexisting" problems with the homes' wiring where it connects to the meter - and not a fault in the meter itself.


"We want to make sure we understand exactly what is happening, since safety is our top concern," said Peco spokeswoman Cathy Engel Menendez.


Similar fires have been recorded in Australia, British Columbia, California and Florida. In all cases, utilities attributed the fires to faulty home wiring.

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