Home energy management systems get another chance (in Massachusetts)



Quick Take: Do you remember the early days of smart grid and smart meters? Everyone assumed (I've never been quite sure why) that residential customers would all have home energy management gear. And most people assumed that it would be in the form of a purpose-built, standalone device.


Fast forward some 10 years and many people believe home energy management devices are too expensive to pay for themselves. And that many homeowners don't want another electronic gadget on their countertops, especially since they are carrying one in their pockets (a smartphone).


Yes, I know that we have a few scattered pilots here and there, but now the concept is going to get another trial, this time in National Grid's smart grid test bed in Worcester, MA. I think it's notable for the wide range of approaches and devices that will be tested. You'll want to pay attention as the results start to come in.   - Jesse Berst


CEIVA Energy Deploys Home Energy Management System for National Grid

Platform connects with smart plugs, digital picture frames and smart thermostats to reduce energy costs for Smart Energy Solutions customers


Worcester, Mass. - July 29, 2014 - CEIVA Energy today announced its home energy management system (HEMS) has launched as part of National Grid’s Smart Energy Solutions Program that includes nearly 15,000 National Grid customers in Worcester, Mass. The utility implemented CEIVA’s platform to run energy efficiency, demand response and customer engagement solutions for participating customers. CEIVA quickly connects a range of technology solutions such as smart plugs, digital picture frames and smart thermostats to help select Smart Energy Solutions customers seize control over energy use and reduce costs, especially during times of peak demand on the grid.


"Through our Smart Energy Solutions Program, we are providing our customers with choice, control and convenience in managing their energy use. We are pleased to have CEIVA on board to help deliver technology solutions that benefit program participants,” said William Jones, director, Smart Energy Solutions Program, National Grid.