Here's a great way to use Big Data... for auto-DR


By: SGN Staff

Quick Take: Marketing consultant Jim Pierobon recently blogged for the Energy Collective about AutoGrid, a Silicon Valley startup that is one of the many companies working to make auto-DR (automated demand response) a reality. Although it reads like a commercial for AutoGrid, it also contains valuable discussions about the challenges and opportunities with auto-DR. Given that we've been writing about the topic for many years, it's great to see it inching towards reality. Scan the quick summary below or click the link above to read the full article.  - By Jesse Berst


Automated demand response is curiously off the radar screen. AutoGrid is one company driving its advancement. Municipal utilities in Austin, Palo Alto and Sacramento, along with investor-owned utilities Oklahoma Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison are testing AutoGrid’s algorithm. AutoGrid has received $7 million in venture funding since 2011 and claims to have orders worth $20 million in its pipeline.


CEO Amit Narayan said AutoGrid is capable of generating demand forecasts for more than 1 million customer accounts every 10 minutes. In a recent trial by Palo Alto, customers with 26 megawatts of electricity load - representing 14% of the city’s peak load - were set up within 30 days. On average, the city’s system has dropped 1.2 megawatts per event, saving 3.5 megawatt hours per event.

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