EPRI, SCE developing first residential ZNE community in CA

Many utilities are evaluating Zero Net Energy homes, whether as single demonstrations or as pilot programs.  One such effort is being led by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE) to evaluate the energy use and grid integration of at least 20 zero net energy (ZNE) homes -- the first development of a community of highly-efficient houses in California.

PSEG CEO: Reliability fundamental to industry excellence

PSEG is investing billions in projects that will provide customers with better and more reliable service while boosting New Jersey's economy and creating hundreds of jobs.

Power sector disruption just the start of energy industry transformation

Global megatrends -- such as technological breakthroughs, rapid urbanization and resource shifts -- are creating new opportunities and challenges in customer behavior, new forms of competition, different generation models, and regulatory changes that could "quickly eclipse current company and country strategies," according to PwC.

Potomac Energy investing in future growth in Virginia, West Virginia

Transmission lines in West Virginia and Virginia are about to get a big upgrade. FirstEnergy Corp. subsidiary Potomac Edison will be installing new conductors on three of their 138,000 volt transmission lines in Jefferson County, West Virginia and Clarke County, Virginia.

USDA increases commitment to rural electrification and smart grids

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced funding for six electric infrastructure projects in rural areas. Of those six, three of the projects will be located in North Carolina and will use solar energy for the rural customers.

ComEd installs one-millionth smart meter

ComEd has been making big moves toward smart grid technology, and announced this week that they have installed their one millionth smart meter -- however, it's only 25 percent toward their ultimate goal.

V2X technology positioning EVs for success

As it relates to transportation, the push to improve safety while reducing emissions and energy consumption continues and is driving the development of a number of crucial technologies. These technologies, including electric vehicles and automated driving systems, are being positioned for success with the provision of real-time data to vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians through vehicle-to-external communications.

White House releases QER to modernize electric grid

With this release, the Administration is laying the foundation for a multi-billion dollar investment in more resilient and dynamic grid assets and identifying numerous facets of the nation's energy transmission and distribution system in need of immediate improvement, as well as the solutions to address these challenges and vulnerabilities.

Can EVs create grid reliability?

While electric vehicles (EV) have caused questions about whether they would create an unreliability on the grid, a new report found that they may actually have the opposite effect.

NIST: Companies should follow government's framework for cybersecurity

It is up to CEOs and board members to prevent cybersecurity risks, according to the acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology, Dr. Willie May.