Green Button initiative spreads to Ontario


By: SGN Staff


The east central Canadian province of Ontario will likely become the country's first to adopt the  Green Button program, a consumer energy savings initiative first developed in the U.S. late last year and given the White House stamp of approval in March of this year.


While a working group led by the province and the MaRS Discovery District is exploring the smart grid technology-based program, it appears to be all but formally approved. "The Ontario Green Button Initiative will enable each of us to have better access to information on our own energy use and will help families make choices to save energy and money," said Chris Bentley, Ontario Minister of Energy. The province has been involved in energy conservation efforts for the past several years.


MaRS is a not-for-profit corporation working to promote commercialization of information and communications technology, engineering, medical and other research.


The program would give residential and business utility customers a way to retrieve their energy use data through a secure download from their utility's web site. A press release notes that a standard data format would provide opportunities and encouragement for app developers to come up with new ways to help Ontarians manage their energy use through their computers and smart devices.


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