Gov't incentives will help Thailand meet increased energy demand


According to the Ministry of Energy, Thailand's demand for alternative energy will increase by 39 percent over the next nine years. The Thai government is backing the Alternative Energy Development Plan in support of alternative energy.

In order to meet the estimated demand, the government will invest in the alternative and renewable energy needed for at least 25 percent of the country's energy consumption by 2021.

The support comes, in part, because of Thailand's potential for use of biomass (the second major energy source in the country), biogas, biodiesel and ethanol as energy sources. Food industries further yield waste energy. And the country's natural resources such as sunlight and wind have energy generating potential.

To support this investment, the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) will offer tax exemptions or reductions for imported machines and materials, as well as corporate tax exemptions or reductions. Other incentives include permission to bring in foreign skills and own land, and foreign currency cash flow where foreign investors can hold 100 percent of the shares.

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