Got some explaining to do? Snag NIST's smart grid beginners guide


By: SGN Staff


If you work for a utility involved in smart grid projects, chances are you've heard those questions more than once - from customers, news media, shareholders or even other employees. Ever wish you could come up with a way to deliver an authoritative answer, and do it in less than five minutes?


Those thoughtful folks at NIST have got your back with a new beginners guide on smart grid and smart grid standards.


"Smart Grid: A Beginner's Guide" is a readable and jargon-free rundown on the basics of smart grid and standards. No lengthy descriptions of synchrophasor technology or meter data management, just the nuts and bolts of what smart grid is and why standards are such a key part of it.


Just to give you an idea, here are some of the questions addressed in the guide...

·         What is the smart grid?

·         Who will be affected by smart grid standards?

·         How are standards identified, developed and coordinated?

·         Why do we need standards, and when?

·         What are smart grid standards, anyway, and who's putting them together?


And for readers who do want to delve into technologies, policies and smart grid projects, the guide provides links to The Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse and other sources that cover those topics and more.


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