Google drops $200M on Spinning Spur wind


The Texas panhandle is a great source of wind energy and, for the first time, Google is capitalizing on what green energy the state has to offer.

Google has invested $200 million in renewable energy developer EDF's Spinning Spur Wind Project. The 161 MW facility in Oldham County, Texas features 70 Siemens 2.3 MW turbines and has the capacity to generate enough clean energy to power approximately 60,000 homes. SPS, a utility serving Texas and New Mexico, have contracted to purchase the power.  Project construction started in February and began commercial operation in late December.

The Spinning Spur project is Google's 11th renewable energy investment since 2010 and the second most expensive, behind only the $280 million it invest in solar systems company SolarCity, according to CNN. Google will shell out more than $200 million on Spinning Spur.

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