Get our latest infographic: 20 questions to ask BEFORE you buy smart meters


Most in the electric power industry would call it a foregone conclusion that utilities will move to smart metering. Obviously many already have. But how to choose the right smart meter isn't so obvious. Some figure smart meters are pretty much all alike. And they are wrong.

In truth, explains Jeff Richardson, Senior Product Manager for Electricity Metering with Elster Solutions, smart meter design, construction, testing and production lead times can vary. Moreover, he says, as the source of most of the data, the measurement interface with your customer and the part of the system where you’ll make the biggest financial investment, they’re the most critical component of your AMI deployment and one of the most important choices you’ll make.

That's why Smart Grid News has teamed with Elster to produce an infographic that highlights 20 questions utilities should ask BEFORE they buy a smart meter. You can download a free copy of the infographic and also request a printed version for your office wall or break room.

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