Georgia Power and EPRI target water use efficiency in power generation


With every region in the U.S. vulnerable to water shortages, the potential impact on future power generation is daunting. A new Water Research Center being developed by Georgia Power in collaboration with EPRI and supported by a dozen electric generating companies will key on new technologies to improve water efficiency in power generating facilities.


According to the EPRI Journal, the new center will be located at Georgia Power’s Plant Bowen, near Cartersville, GA. It is expected to begin testing mid-year.


"The Water Research Center will be a first-of-its-kind, industry wide resource for conducting power company water research," said George Offen, EPRI project manager for the center. "Electric generating companies, research organizations, and vendors will have access to full-scale infrastructure, treatable water, monitoring and analysis facilities, and specialist staff to enable plant-based water research studies."


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