GainSpan demonstrates SEP 2.0 over Wi-Fi


GainSpan recently demonstrated multiple technologies at the Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum, showcasing how the company's low-power Wi-Fi solutions will enable tomorrow's smart energy market. The event was the first public demonstration of Smart Energy Profile (SEP) 2.0.  As SEP 2.0 is an application layer that is PHY and MAC agnostic, it could also run on Homeplug or Zigbee.

Wi-Fi is a technology consumers are familiar with, as it is integrated in a lot of technology today.

"New monitoring and control devices are more acceptable to consumers if they use a technology they are already familiar with as opposed to a new technology," Bernard Aboussouan, Vice President of  Marketing for GainSpan, told FierceEnergy in an interview. "With Wi-Fi, consumers will be able to use existing access points, smartphones and laptops to monitor and control their energy usage. Utilities won't have to subsidize as much the cost of equipment to be deployed in homes (load controllers, thermostats, etc.)."

Aboussouan cites the benefits of SEP 2.0 over Wi-Fi to utilities:

  • More user acceptability and higher usage will lead to reduction of peak loads and delay and reduction in investment in new plants to satisfy peak demands.
  • Reuse of current Wi-Fi infrastructure will lead to lower overall investment by the user/utilities to provide monitoring and control of appliances , water heaters, lights, etc., and subsequently less subsidy requirements.

Wi-Fi will be a key enabler to the wide scale deployment of smart energy devices and appliances in the home and acceptability and use by consumers. Now that the technology has been successfully demonstrated, the market could open up to third-party service providers, including DSL and mobile phone operators.

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