Free webinar: Breakthrough techniques for understanding and engaging with your customers



Welcome to the brave new world! Today's utility customers are well-informed and empowered. They use other “informed consumers” as their primary information source. They interact through multiple channels, multiple touch-points and multiple media. They want -- they demand -- a superior customer experience. What's more, they have more outlets than ever to vent their frustration if they are dissatisfied.  


How does an electric power utility respond to the new reality of the empowered consumer? By putting customers "at the center." Fortunately, thanks to new technologies, utilities have the ability to know more than ever about customers. And the ability to custom tailor their outreach to match each customer's preferences.


Join us on Sept. 25 at 10:30 a.m. Pacific (1:30 p.m. Eastern) for a free webinar. Leading authorities will walk you through the best practices that will help you engage with your customers in a proactive and personalized way.

·         Jesse Berst, Chief Analyst, Smart Grid News

·         Patty Durand, Executive Director, Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative

·         Vickie Dorris, Solution Leader, IBM Energy and Utilities Industry