Free solar power shopping service launches


The next time one of your utility's customers inquires about solar power companies, you can point them to a free online tool that will could them snag a good deal. 


The Online Solar PV Marketplace was developed by EnergySage, which won an award from the Obama Administration's SunShot program to create the tool.


The SunShot initiative was launched in February 2011. The DOE describes it as "a cross-cutting, national endeavor to get solar cost-competitive with fossil fuels and without subsidies by the end of the decade."


According to an article on Clean Technica, the PV Marketplace is rolling out on the East Coast initially. In addition to an online survey where people interested in solar can post details on their property to receive bids from a pre-selected list of companies, the site offers information on purchasing and financing solar installations plus profiles of installers. You can access the site here.


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