FPL project signals "the smart grid has arrived" declares MIT


By: SGN Staff


Florida Power & Light is one of many utilities that have been working on deploying smart grid technologies. But while many utilities are working on smart grids or installing elements of smart grids, MIT Technology Review says FPL is the first to have built an operating "comprehensive and large scale smart grid."


"What is different is the breadth of what FPL's done," Silver Spring Networks executive VP of global development Eric Dresselhuys was quoted as saying in the MIT article.


While other utilities have installed more smart meters than FPL, the key to taking advantage of a smart grid's potential is based on networking meters together with sensors at critical points along the grid, such as transformers, substations and local and high-voltage distribution lines.


During the course of its smart grid program, FPL has installed 4.5 million smart meters and 10,000 other devices. All of those pieces of equipment are networked and sending data back to the utility, data that can be used to identify problems before they cause an outage - and reduce the length and area affected if outages do happen.