Finally! Silver Spring Networks goes forward with its IPO


By: SGN Staff


By Jesse Berst


Quick take:  After roughly two years of delay, smart grid pioneer Silver Spring Networks (SSN) has finally announced the terms of its initial public offering. The IPO will raise $60-70 million, less than half the $150 million originally expected, according to a story in

SSN's competitors claim that it loses money on every sale - that it has priced its deals so low that it cannot make money on them. Yet SSN's aggressive pricing and constant innovation have allowed it to become a clear mind-share leader in a sector that today is dominated by much larger competitors. But even SSN's biggest rivals will be rooting for the success of its IPO, I predict. A successful offering will be a signal that the sector is strong enough to deserve additional attention from investors. It's one of those self-fulfilling prophecies. If they think it's worth their time, more money will flow in, boosting the sector and fulfilling their expectations.

GigaOm analyst Katie Fehrenbacher speculates the offering will get a boost from some of SSN's venture investors, who have committed to buy stock at the IPO price, a tactic previously used by SolarCity. For my part, I'm watching and wondering if SSN can translate its North American success to Europe when (should I say if?) the UK, France and Germany finally roll out smart meters countrywide.


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