FERC alleges Entergy reliability violations


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has launched a preliminary investigation into Entergy for the suspected violation of multiple reliability standards.

A FERC Staff notice published last week alleges that Entergy violated 33 requirements of 16 FERC standards addressing transmission system reliability. Among the citations are allegations of neglecting firmware updates on critical infrastructure, lacking methodology for developing facility ratings on transmission lines built before 1994, and of inadequately training and certifying system operators at regional Transmission Operations Centers.

FERC claims that a number of the alleged violations "are continuous and were ongoing for a period of several years."

In a prepared statement to FierceEnergy, Entergy spokesperson Michael Burns wrote that, "Entergy strongly disagrees with Staff's preliminary conclusions that it violated the reliability standards identified in the notice. However, we are cooperating with the investigation and are responding to Staff's concerns."

Though there is no timetable on this issue, the non-public investigation will continue.

For more:
- see the Staff notice

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