FERC acts on Order 1000 compliance filings


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has made its first two compliance rulings filed under its Order 1000, which regulates utilities' regional transmission planning activities.

In the first order, FERC rejected a proposal submitted by Alcoa Power Generating and Duke Energy's North Carolina subsidiaries, saying that the transmission plan did not have a wide enough regional representation.

Utilities had widely lamented the landmark transmission ruling, saying it was unclear and would put unneeded strain on the already onerous transmission planning process.

To that end, FERC's second ruling showed some flexibility as it permitted Maine Public Service Company to bypass the regional transmission process due to its isolated geographic location.

FERC intends to take this approach going forward as it works with utilities to meet the requirements.

"[We] have stressed throughout this proceeding that we intend to be flexible and are open to a variety of approaches to compliance," FERC Commissioner Philip Moeller said in a statement. "Thus, flexibility will be a hallmark of the manner in which we address the mandates of Order No. 1000 on compliance."

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