Expert advice on how to face up to the distributed energy threat


By: SGN Staff

Quick Take: One of the most difficult new realities is distributed energy -- this idea that customers will become producers as well and the utility will have to cope with thousands of small generation sources scattered all around the service territory.


To grapple with these new conditions, we've got to get past the banal generalities (something must be done!) and start talking specifics. That's why I was so pleased when Maryland and the Energy Future Coalition started scoping out the utility of the future.


And now I'm happy to tell you about a recent roundtable co-hosted by Princeton and Columbia Universities on the topic of Valuing Distributed Energy: Economic and Regulatory Challenges.


The group produced a summary white paper, which you can download by clicking the link above. It talks about the situation and the issues. More importantly, it talks about specific approaches to overcoming those challenges.


It's not always easy reading, but it is worth the effort. If you need any convincing, just glance at the list of Big Brains who were part of the roundtable. It's a who's who of our industry's top minds. Recommended reading. - By Jesse Berst

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