Europe begins smart water project rollouts


By: SGN Staff

Quick Take: A well-funded European Union research initiative is launching the first of several major smart water installations in the Spanish town of Caceres. Will Europe be the first region to hit the tipping point in smart water? And, as implied below, will smart water become central to the growing European smart cities movement?- By Jesse Berst


ACCIONA Agua to deploy Spain’s first smart water grid in Caceres


ACCIONA Agua, the water services division of ACCIONA, a global renewable energy, infrastructure and water services group, will deploy Spain's first smart water grid in the western city of Cáceres as part of a European project that aims to apply new technologies to the management of drinking water networks.


As the water concessionaire for Cáceres, ACCIONA Agua will introduce the new "smart water" technologies in the town's historic quarter and city center, which is expected to detect underground leakages, deliver real-time control over water quality and remote meter reading.


Cáceres, a member of the Spanish Smart Cities Network, will become a pioneer in incorporating "smart city" technologies to its water supply.


ACCIONA Agua will use a single software platform that integrates several technologies, including remote meter readers, Geographic Information Systems, remote control information, a large number of water quality monitoring sensors and the mathematical model for predicting the behavior of the supply system. These, in turn, will enable ACCIONA Agua to develop an advanced business management strategy for the Cáceres drinking water network.

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