EPRI update: standardizing security alarms and events


By: SGN Staff


A new technical update from the Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) cybersecurity research team provides a basis for AMI vendors and asset owners to follow in creating a common set of AMI AMI alarms and events.


Standardization the proposed security alarms will help electric utilities enhance interoperability in their operations and more quickly integrate AMI systems with their intrusion detection systems and security information and event management systems. The update also offers help on how to identify specific AMI incidents based on those proposed events and alarms.


The update addresses only alarms and events that come from the meter and not supporting components like the collection engine or other head-end equipment.


Primary points of the paper are:

·         A common definition for the structure and semantics of AMI security objects will significantly help increase secure interoperability of AMI systems

·         A common set of AMI alarms and events would allow more efficient integration of AMI systems with intrusion detection systems

·         Many of security events and alarms recommended are not now included in the ANSI C12.19 AMI standard, but may be implemented in vendor-specific data tables


EPRI's new AMI security objects update >>

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