Entergy: Faulty relay device caused Superdome outage


Entergy New Orleans says a faulty relay device is to blame for the more than 30-minute power outage during last week's Superbowl.

In an odd twist, the utility acknowledged the relay device had been installed to prevent a power failure from occurring, and had been successful at a number of recent high-profile events, including the 2012 NCAA Sugar Bowl. Entergy has replaced the relay device but will continue to investigate future reliability.

"While some further analysis remains, we believe we have identified and remedied the cause of the power outage and regret the interruption that occurred during what was a showcase event for the city and state," said Charles Rice, president and chief executive officer of Entergy New Orleans, in a Friday statement.

The New Orleans City Council, which regulates Entergy New Orleans, is hearing testimony today regarding the outage.

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