"Enormous increase" in cyber attacks against energy, says DHS


By: SGN Staff


A new report from the Department of Homeland Security claims the energy sector is seeing a major increase in the number of cyber attacks. There were 111 cyber incidents during the first half of 2013. That compares to 81 incidents for all of 2012. This follows a January report that said cyber threats were occurring at "an alarming rate."


Of all the incidents reported to DHS, cyber attacks accounted for 53% - up from 41% in 2012.


The report did not specify whether the attacks are originating from countries or from individuals. Earlier this year, the Pentagon said that the Chinese army had resumed attacks against the power grid.


Security expert Ed Skoudis of SANS Institute told CIO Journal that governments are realizing the military advantage to penetrating critical infrastructure. "Even networks that were well monitored before are getting attacked with increasing frequency."


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