End-to-end, multi-layer smart grid security - How Altalink did it



Quick Take: There's plenty of talk about smart grid security. And plenty of handwringing. But still far too few examples of successful implementations.


One early success story comes from AltaLink, Alberta's largest transmission provider. It set out in 2010 to modernize its 12,000 km transmission grid. Today, its upgrade has reached more than 65 of its 300 substations. Writing in Alcatel Lucent's GridTalk blog, two AltaLink engineers describe how they implemented multiple layers of protection. You can scan a quick summary below, but try to make sure your own engineers read the full article. - By Jesse Berst


Clint Struth is AltaLink's Principal Engineer, Telecommunications Networking. Cory Struth is Network Architect. They helped pull together AltaLink's multi-layer security strategy.


AltaLink takes advantage of IP/MPLS intelligence and flexibility while also giving strong attention to the human dimension. AltaLink Belize security is so integral to any deployment that it must be trumpeted by the upper management throughout the organization.

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