Electronomics: Your MoSoLo(Co) future and how to prepare


By Jesse Berst


At this year's Accenture International Utilities and Energy Conference, one of the most thought-provoking speeches came from Google's Michael Lock, VP of Enterprise Sales for the Americas. His ideas have implication for our ongoing discussion of Electronomics, the economics of our shift to the Electricity Economy.


Michael had many predictions for the future of the business world. Google, after all, gains amazing insights from its search business. It can often spot trends before they become apparent to the rest of us.


He used a Silicon Valley catchphrase to describe the next phase. He called it MoSoLo, which stands for Mobile, Social and Local. Michael says MoSoLo is revolutionizing business. He pointed out that utilities have been insulated from some of these changes to date. The electric power industry has not seen the wholesale transformations that these trends have brought to music, bookselling, travel and many other sectors. But this temporary isolation cannot last. As consumers get accustomed to MoSoLo in every other part of their lives, they will demand it in electric power too.

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