Electrochromic glazing technology makes for smart glass


A new energy-efficient technology will serve as a model after its recent installation at two research facilities at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The installation of ha SageGlass will serve as a model for daylighting and energy-efficient construction as part of a living laboratory to help buildings conserve energy and create more comfortable, productive indoor environments.

The advantages of electrochromic glazing technology will be evaluated as part of the installation. The product uses electronically tintable dynamic glass to maximize daylight while controlling solar glare and heat gain. The glass can darken and clear on demand or automatically using sensors.

"The essence of energy efficiency isn't simply about being 'green' – it is about cost savings and smart resource use," said Erin Whitney, staff scientist at NREL. "Intelligent solar-managed windows are a simple yet effective way to reduce energy consumption."

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