Echelon's latest offering: a big score in Asia


By: SGN Staff

Echelon has just introduced a new Control Operating System-enabled control module that when connected with its data concentrator and system software provides a quick, low-cost solution for automated metering and low-voltage grid optimization.


The new control point module uses the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and turns the manufacturer's electronic meter into a smart meter and grid sensor that takes advantage of Echelon's open standard, multi-application energy control networking platform. The company says that gives meter makers the ability to provide their home markets with the most current technology and also includes an opportunity to offer OSGP-compatible meters to utilities in other markets that want multiple sources of interoperable meters and grid devices.


"We see rapidly growing interest in smart metering systems across the countries we serve; and with the new OSGP module, we save years of effort and are able to enter the market immediately and compete aggressively with a market-leading system," said Korea's VIDCOM Co. CEO Jun Young Lee.


Other Asian companies planning to offer solutions based on Echelon's platform are Thailand's Mitsubishi Electric Automation Co., Ltd, Malaysia's Comintel and China's Holley Metering.


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