Dominion taps Virgina's offshore winds


Dominion Virginia Power will build an offshore wind turbine demonstration facility off the coast of Virginia with funding from the Department of Energy.

Dominion has proposed a grid-connected 12 MW offshore wind facility consisting of two 6 MW turbines and potentially located 22 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach in federal waters.

Offshore wind represents huge untapped energy resource for the United States with the potential for 4,000 GW of clean, domestic electricity or four times the nation's current total generation capacity. According to research by the DOE, the U.S. offshore wind industry could drive more than $70 billion in annual investments by 2030.

Winds off the coast of Virginia have great potential for electricity generation. Offshore wind represents an opportunity that could match the success of land-based wind development. The challenge for Dominion will be harnessing those winds and delivering power to customers at reasonable cost.

"To achieve that will take a lot of creative engineering to find innovative ways to lower costs, which is the goal of the DOE program," said Mary C. Doswell, senior vice president of Alternative Energy Solutions at Dominion. "We have the right team in place to begin this work with the goal of being chosen ultimately to build the demonstration facility."

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