Dominion provides voltage EDGE to utilities and customers


Dominion Voltage Inc.(DVI), a subsidiary of Dominion and one of the nation's largest producers, transporters and generators of energy, has been awarded a patent for its EDGE technology.

This is good news for utilities and customers alike.

For electric utilities, DVI's platform is designed to enable savings through voltage conservation by reducing fuel and purchased power costs.

"The patent for EDGE is a game-changer for the industry," said Todd Headlee, Director of DVI. "Many utilities are looking for voltage conservation solutions. DVI's patent recognizes the unique methodology of the EDGE platform and its capability to reduce energy usage across the distribution network."

Utilities with AMI can take advantage of this technology and its energy-saving benefits immediately. For utilities not utilizing AMI, the energy savings that the EDGE platform delivers can make the investment in AMI more attractive.

"Unlike other voltage conservation processes that have been in use for decades, DVI's EDGE technology is the only platform to obtain voltage data directly from dynamically selected meters at the end-user level," said Phillip W. Powell , DVI director of grid innovations. "This allows for a more precise and more efficient delivery of electricity to customers."

The industry standard permits voltage to be delivered at a range from 114 volts to 126 volts, with the center point at 120 volts. The EDGE platform enables the utility to optimize the voltage delivered to the customer towards the lower end, while still complying with customer equipment performance requirements.

Consumers could see electric bill savings of 3 to 5 percent without changing their behavior. The lower voltage levels at the customer's residence or business result in less stress on electric and electronic equipment and less waste heat, which is expected to lengthen the equipment's lifespan.

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