Dominion delves into solar mobile charging


Dominion Virginia Power is experimenting with the power of the sun by providing a cell/mobile charging station for participants of the three-day Riverrock Festival in Richmond, Virginia. The mobile charging station is powered, in part, by solar energy.

Solar-powered mobile charging station. Credit: Dominion

In 2013, for the Richmond Folk Festival, Dominion provided a similar prototype charging trailer. The response was overwhelming, leading Dominion to this full-fledged model for the Riverrock Festival.

This one-of-a-kind, 12-foot-long station is designed to charge up to 100 devices at a time by harnessing the sun's energy and includes charging cords for assorted devices and smart-phones.

The innovative design of the mobile charging trailer makes mobilization simple and adaptable for a number of uses. The charging station comes equipped with military-grade, 240-watt solar panels that can keep up to 100 devices charged simultaneously and charge backup batteries. It is also outfitted with two integrated 65-inch monitors and a 500-watt audio system to provide event information while users charge their devices.

"Dominion asked us to design a vehicle that would allow festival-goers to charge their smart phones in an environmentally conscious manner," said Ryan Doak, CEO, NV3. "Our answer was a mobile charging trailer with solar-powered technology that makes it easier for participants at Dominion Riverrock to keep in touch with friends and family throughout the festival without their phone batteries running out."

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