DOE invests millions in clean energy projects


The U.S. Department of Energy will invest a total of $11 million into 20 newly announced projects  to help states and local governments develop the infrastructure, training and regional planning needed to help meet the demand for alternative fuel cars and trucks, including vehicles that run on natural gas, electricity and propane.

"Building a clean and secure U.S. transportation system that leverages our domestic energy sources will give American families, businesses and communities more options and reduce fueling costs," said U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu. "At the same time, these projects will help lead the way to further reducing America's dependence on foreign oil and protecting our nation's air and water."

Through the DOE's Clean Cities initiative  the projects address a range of community infrastructure and training needs, such as providing safety and technical training for fleet operators, mechanics, first responders and code officials; streamlining permitting and procurement processes; and helping public and private fleets integrate petroleum reduction strategies into their operations.

The Energy Department's Clean Cities initiative has supported community-led efforts to deploy vehicle and infrastructure technologies across a broad portfolio of alternative fuels from biofuels and natural gas to propane and electricity since 1993.

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