Distributed energy: A hedge against lights out for Great Britain?


By: SGN Staff


In a far from comforting announcement from British gas and electric regulator Ofgem, the country is facing the possibility of an energy shortage in as little as three years. European Union air pollution regulations have forced a number of coal plants in Great Britain to operate for a limited number of hours before they are required to shut down operations to comply.


According to a blog from strategic market research and business intelligence firm Memoori, the result could be reducing energy to businesses by 2015, and if nothing is done to resolve the issue, consumers could experience cuts in the same time frame or the following year.


The blog provides details of what could become a crisis situation, the potential for distributed energy as a solution and what it would take to make that happen.


You can read the full text by clicking the link below. But here are a few key points:

·         If gas-fired central generation plants or nuclear plants were authorized now, it would take five years for a gas plant to be operational.

·         Distributed power can make a serious contribution to delivering power at today's market prices and cutting carbon dioxide emissions, even if it isn't the complete solution.

·         Utilities, however, will need to get on board and they are reluctant to do so.


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