Despite Solyndra, support for government incentives still strong


Even with the bad taste of Solyndra's bankruptcy lingering in many mouths, small-business owners still support government investments in clean energy, according to an opinion poll released by the Small Business Majority.

Virginia small-business owners were polled by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research who found that 78 percent agree government has a role in driving our country toward a cleaner, more competitive economy -- even when asked specifically about Solyndra's bankruptcy after receiving a $535 million federal load guarantee for its research and development of its solar cells. Further, 80 percent believe government should play a major role in creating financial incentives that encourage people to take energy-efficiency measures; 70 percent believe government should provide incentives through funding and policy efforts.

These same businesses also strongly support new and existing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality standards for reducing greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions (79 percent) -- even with an increase in utility prices. And 62 percent say they would incorporate clean energy into their business practices using, for example, solar panels or some other source of clean energy.

"Small businesses are eager for pragmatic energy policies that can help them develop new technologies and increase business opportunities," said John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority.

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