Denmark and Germany hit new wind records (122% for 90 hours!!!)



EcoBusiness reports that wind power produced 30% of Denmark's power needs in 2013. But this included more than 90 hours where wind supplied more than Denmark needed, peaking at 122% in late October. The Scandinavian country hopes to get 50% of its power from wind by 2020.


Denmark is part of an integrated regional grid with other Scandinavian countries and with parts of Germany. This allows them to use Norway's hydro facilities as a "battery" for wind power. The country is aggressively adopting smart grid concepts and moving forward rapidly with demand response and electric vehicles.


Meanwhile, wind power produced 59% of Germany's power in early October. To solve the challenges of integrating variable renewables at scale, Germany is looking to strengthen the grid links between countries. "Grids are cheaper than storage facilities," according to the 12 Insights report from Germany’s Agora Energiewende.


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