Demand response woes? Help is here from Opower


By: SGN Staff

Quick Take:  Demand response (DR) has been a tough nut for most utilities. First there were all the technical issues. But even when those kinks were ironed out, utilities often stumbled over the people issues. Getting customers to sign up. Getting people to participate once they sign up. Getting people to stay in the program.

Now consumer engagement specialist Opower is bring its expertise to bear on the DR challenge. The Washington, DC-based company is the world leader in using behavioral science to enhance customer engagement. In essence, Opower's software sets up a two-way dialog with customers, giving them personalized feedback and recommendations to increase both participation and science.

Utilities already understand the importance of taking a scientific approach to their technical issues. More and more of them are realizing they need to apply science to their customer engagement as well, and Opower is the flagbearer. - Jesse Berst


Opower Brings Customer Engagement to Demand Response


WASHINGTON, DC - July 10 - Opower, the global leader in customer engagement solutions for the utility industry, is bringing its expertise in customer experience and behavioral design to a new market, demand response. Opower President and Founder Alex Laskey, discussed Opower’s vision for demand response on a panel at the National Town Meeting in Washington, DC.


For power companies, peak demand is a high-stakes challenge. A new report released in June indicates that in some regions, like Texas, peak energy has increased faster than generation. In a recent report, the EIA reported that utilities spend $700M annually on demand response programs. These programs control peak demand primarily through 1-way devices that cycle air conditioners and incentivize customer participation through small monthly incentive payments.

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