Demand response: Utilities share their programs (and challenges)


By: SGN Staff


New York's Consolidated Edison operates in a complicated market. As Con Edison's section manager for commercial customer solutions Col Smart explains it, the company is a transmission and distribution company that doesn't own any generation facilities - so it has a more than healthy reliance on demand response programs to help it manage its transmission and distribution operations and ensure they are as effective as possible.


Smart's comments came from an interview with the Association for Demand Response & Smart Grid (ADS) which just released an initial case study on demand response based on interviews with executives from four utilities: Con Edison, Progress Energy Carolinas, Gulf Power and Reliant Energy.


It's a good cross section because the operations and challenges of those utilities are at least a little different and in some instances very different. For instance, while Con Edison manages transmission and distribution but owns no generation, Reliant is a part of NRG Energy, one of the country's biggest power producers.


And, of course, they're all involved in demand response. The case study interviews are the first in a planned series and provide an opportunity to hear first-hand from company executives about their programs, challenges, lessons learned and best practices.

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