Day 16: Last call for entries in March Madness smart grid style


We're down to the wire in our March Madness smart grid style. You have to enter by midnight Pacific time on Friday, March 30, for a chance to win a New iPad. If you haven't participated yet, there's still time. Just scroll down for everything you need to know. And thank you to everyone who has participated; some great comments have been posted in our Sweet 16 forum. We'll be announcing the winner next week.


Here's how simple it is:


1. Click over to our Sweet 16 discussion forum and register - there's an orange Register button in the top right corner of the page. We require registration to reduce junk posts, but it is a quick and easy process - heck, over 800 people have done it so it can't be too hard.


2. Click on one of the daily topics to get started - we posted our first question on March 15 and there have been lots more since then, as you can see below. We'll continue through March 30, for 16 questions in all.


· March 15: What's the biggest talent need for utilities in the next three years?

· March 16: What do you think will be the top-selling auto in 2020?

· March 17: What's your take on utilities allowing smart meter opt out?

· March 18: Who is the best U.S. presidential candidate for the smart grid?

· March 19: Smart grid security: What worries you most?

· March 20: How will most utilities communicate with smart meters in 2015?

· March 21: What's the next likely target of smart grid consumer pushback?

· March 22: Should Congress extend the Production Tax Credit for wind?

· March 23: Will energy consumers use the Green Button?

· March 24: What percentage of U.S. adults get what a smart grid is?

· March 25: Are there issues that would get you mad enough to join a protest?

· March 26: Which energy storage technology will be the game-changer?

· March 27: If you were energy czar, what would your top priority be?

· March 28: Gut check - how strong is today's smart grid market?

· March 29: What's the best way to encourage energy efficiency in commercial buildings?

· March 30: Which technology  holds the most promise for a smarter, more reliable electric grid?





3. Vote in the quick poll and post a comment about the topic - that's how you get entered in the drawing for the New iPad.  If you post a comment on all 16 topics, that gives you 16 chances to win the New iPad.


That's all there is to it.


So bottom line, not only do you have a shot at winning the New iPad we're giving away, but you can also help inform the industry's discussion on important smart grid topics.

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