Customers jumping through hoops for utility service


Utility customers have high expectations when it comes to getting information quickly and accurately, but some utilities are having trouble keeping up with the changing customer service demands.

In fact, 76 percent of energy and utility customers report that speed is very important to how they are serviced by their utility, according to research from software provider Cincom Systems. The biggest issue reported was that customers had to jump through multiple hoops to resolve their issue. Almost worse to customers is not being able to get through to anyone at all the first time they call.

As consumers require a deeper level of assistance, energy and utility companies are continually challenged to deliver better customer satisfaction and loyalty. Utilities are so busy evaluating and deploying the technological advances for engaging customers in the patterns of their energy use and behaviors that it's sometimes difficult to keep up with customers' service expectations. It is important the utilities also evaluate the technology needed to upgrade and improve their customer service related systems.

For 57.7 percent of utilities, technology issues were the biggest obstacle to delivering consistent customer experiences, including ease-of-use of their current systems (15.4 percent), integration with back-end systems (26.9 percent) and the features and functionality of their current systems (15.4 percent).

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